ITM was established in 2015 and was built on values of respect and honestly. ITM has differed herself from other agencies by incorporating models of all race, body shape, and personality, but has maintained a boutique agency by creating a filtering system which has helped us create top models and stars

By maintaining a boutique agency we are able to provide a family like atmosphere, and we are able to provide each of our models with special care to fit her needs, and careful picks on which clients would fit best for her career and personal growth. 

ITM works with all top Israeli brands, magazines, and participates in all of the fashion shows making ITM one of Israels top agencies 

In addition to being one of Israel’s leading model and talent agency, ITM has spread her wings over seas and has turned Israels top models to successful international models by carefully placing our representatives in various agencies around the world and working together to create international successes

ITM has added flavor and originality to the Israeli fashion industry by successfully incorporating our models in leading campaigns, covers, and runway shows, while still sticking to her values and work ethics making ITM one of Israels leading agencies. 



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